CABS Cloud Server

What happens when your server fails? Your business is at a standstill. With a cloud server, there is an automatic switch over to alternative hardware.

CABS have direct access to this hardware to ensure management of the server and resources. As your business grows, CABS expands the capacity and management of the data storage.

Often clients experience downtime as servers are hosted abroad. CABS Cloud server is hosted locally in South Africa.

CABS supports Green policies and a cloud server utilizes 90% less power than conventional servers.

Failure of systems results in an automatic switchover without reliance on your IT specialist being required to visit your premises.

Backups are also automated. CABS has also taken the extra precaution by ensuring that we backup the data on the server to a completely separate set of physical hardware and physical location

(i.e. CABS running in data centre 2 backs up to data centre 1).

When your business grows, CABS grows with you without you having to invest in additional hardware.

So what is the difference?

Effectively a Cloud Server will function like the server in your office. The difference is that a Cloud Server will pull resources to operate from a number of hardware devices allowing for expansion immediately without costly upgrades or maintenance costs to CABS clients.

As your business grows, the cloud grows.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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